Don’t you hate missing a big opportunity?  We at Silver Lining Bags do!  In this case it was the Spring Fashion & Beauty Blogging sponsored by Lucky Magazine.  It was held April 30th in Santa Monica CA, and are we bummed out…

Lucky Magazine sponsors these confabs twice a year, and this is the place to be for all those Fashionistas with blogs.  Lucky for us Lucky Magazine published a great deal of the conference on line at

According to the L A Times the Editor-in-Chief of Lucky Magazine told the assembled bloggers “I want to help you quit your day job.”  Successful Fashion bloggers can earn 5-6 figure incomes.  Well, we hope we get invited to the next big conference this fall in NYC!


We just figured out how to get a QR code for – we’re feeling awfully proud of being able to use technology that’s been around since the late 90’s.  We never said we were early adapters!

Silver Lining Bags

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I’m in Denver for a Silver Lining Bag Confab, and here’s the gorgeous view from the 7th floor of the JW Marriott in Cherry Creek, Co.  It’s a blue sky day, what we call a Good Hair Day!  The head honchos at Silver Lining Bags are holding our annual meeting and then checking out the Yves St Laurent retrospective for ideas on more products.

If you are in or plan on visiting Denver, check it out at

So you thought you were on top of the latest web trends with your Pinterest pages, but now, the cool and hip factor is with newcomer Wanelo (  We’re loving new Social Media site Wanelo (pronounced Waa Knee Lo)which stands for WAnt, NEEd, LOve and want our loyal fans and friends to like it too.

Wanelo allows you to post your favorite items on a board, similar to Pinterest, however it also allows you to feature your own products in your own store.  If you don’t have your own products we’d love to have you feature our Hairbrush Bag on your Wanelo pages.  In fact, we encourage you to feature our product on your page.  Need help setting up your Wanelo pages?  Go to for instructions.

Wanelo allows you to post items to your pages and then tie into your Twitter, Facebook and blog pages. If your birthday is coming up Wanelo is a great place to post hints for what gifts you really want, just make sure to include our Hairbrush Bag in your Wanelo pages.  If you do, send us a link to your page, email us at and we’ll be happy to publicize your page on our Blog, Facebook and Twitter postings.  We may even send you a free Hairbrush Bag as a thank you for your positive mention!

Aside from the anatomical realities, we here at Silver Lining Bags often wonder why men and women are so different.  For example you can make the same statement to a man and to a woman, and their responses will be vastly different:

Question – “What should we do for dinner tonight”

Female Answer – “We can cook this new recipe I found or we can go out for dinner, which would you rather do?”

Male Answer – “Eat.”

I just ran across this Australian woman, Amanda Gore on You Tube.  I can’t tell if she is doing comedy or just explaining the facts about the differences between the sexes, in either case she’s on target and quite funny.

Why woman are different from men  and vice versa By Amanda Gore –  YouTube

Let us know what you think, and whether she’s clarified the issue for you.  My understanding has been greatly improved…

Everyone else in the Blogosphere reviews DWTS for the Dancing, but here at Silver Lining Bags we’re reviewing the Competitors Hair!  After the first show we reviewed the men and found William Levy had the best hair (frankly he has the best EVERYTHING!) with Jack Wagner runner up for the fabulous Golden Hairbrush Bag Award.

The Fabulous Golden Hairbrush Bag Award from Silver Lining Bags

This week saw Martina Navratilova’s exit from the show, we still want to consider her as a competitor.  Hats off to the Hair and Makeup squad at DWTS.  They made Martina a beauty and surprised us, as well as the judges.

To list the competitors and our comments on their hairstyles as shown in the first 2 shows:

Sherri Sheperd and Gladys Knight – Sorry, both these ladies can indeed dance, but since their dancing costumes include wigs (heck, so do their rehearsal outfits) we can’t consider them for the Golden Hairbrush Bag Award.

Melissa Gilbert – She’s come a long way from the Prairie, but her hair seems to be resemble the wheat on the plains.  Is it the far from natural color or the perm like waves that turn us off?

Martina Navratilova – It can’t be said enough, look how pretty she can be!  Her platinum blonde hair went from awful to awesome!

Katherine Jenkins – Did you think all opera stars were -shall we say -generously proportioned?  Well, Surprise!  Katherine Jenkins reminds us of a Marilyn Monroe Mini-Me.

Maria Menounos – Maria’s got lots and lots of beautiful hair, we bet she or her hairdresser are brushing it into a glossy hairstyle every second she isn’t on camera.  She seems to have a good hair day everyday.  We’ve decided Maria Menounos wins our Fabulous Golden Hairbrush Bag Award, as long as she promises not to laugh…

According to, guess what the first thing men check out on a woman is?  Their hair (!)  Having beautiful hair makes you more attractive and now you know it’s the first thing a guy sees when looking at you.  Keeping your hairbrush in a Hairbrush Bag by Silver Lining Bags  can help make your hair more attractive, and that will help you get that first look from interested men.

According to Kimberly Dawn Neumann writing for and  men say having gorgeous hair trumps having a hot bod.  The article features a survey by Pantene – with statistical information showing that 60% of men would prefer to date a woman with great hair vs. a curvy figure.

What do we suggest you do with this information?  Well, maybe you can skip the gym or  push up bra and focus on your hair instead.  Spending your money at the salon vs. Victoria’s Secret is also suggested in this article.  Why do you need a Hairbrush Bag?  Keeping your brush clean helps keep your hair clean and gorgeous.  Don’t ruin that first meeting by having dust, lint, gum or crumbs in your hair (you know that’s what’s floating around your purse).  Keep your brush in a Hairbrush Bag and know that your hair is ready for your close up!

DWTS- The Guys!

Ahh, Dancing with the Stars, my favorite hour (or two) of TV.  I’m not a reality junkie, or a competition junkie, but I do love dancing, costumes with bling and spray tans.  So no surprise I’m writing this blog entry about my favorite TV time waster.

As with the Oscars, I’m examining the hairstyles of the Men competitors to see which one deserves the Golden Hairbrush Bag Award.

The Coveted Golden Hairbrush Bag Award

Starting with the men I immediately realize that Donald Driver has a BALD HEAD!  Ok, no hairbrush or bag needed.  Then Gavin DeGraw came out with a hat on, so again, not in the running.  Jaleel (Urkel) White and Roshon Fegan have the kind of hair that a brush isn’t effective on – strictly combs, so we’re ruling them out.  That leaves us with Jack Wagner who gets points for his perfect beach-blonde locks.  He must look just right next to Beach Blonde Girlfriend Heather Locklear.

Now to the winner of the Golden Hairbrush Bag prize – without a doubt it’s William Levy.  He’s so good looking you might not notice how nice his hair is…but eventually you’ll get around to it, I know I did.

 How can you keep static and the dreaded Hat Head look from happening to you on Easter and everyday?  Whether you will be heading to church on Easter Sunday April 8th or promenading in an Easter Parade, you will want to avoid “Hat Head” when you remove that lovely Easter Bonnet. Here’s some good advice for avoiding Hat Head according to eHow-

1.  Make sure your hat fits – a hat that is too small is frequently the cause of Hat Head.

2.  Wear light weight hats – a heavy hat will weigh down your hairstyle

3.  Keep your hair dry – sweating or a damp head of hair will give you a bad case of hat head!

4.  Prevent static!

Here at Silver Lining Bags we’ve developed a way to keep your hair looking good, and surprisingly it’s because we keep your hairbrush clean!  You can avoid static and having to clean the lint and dust out of your hairbrush (or your hair!) by first placing it in a Hairbrush Bag by Silver Lining Bags before you put it in your purse or suitcase.  And this is an affordable luxury.  We’re featuring our bags on sales for $10.49 at – including shipping!

So plan ahead to have a good hair day even wearing that Easter Bonnet with the tips above AND a Hairbrush Bag from!

I don't leave home without my Hairbrush Bag!

I spent yesterday in two airports, a rental car and finally arrived at my hotel – The Loew’s Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson.  Gotta give them a shout out –  After a 4.5 hour flight, a windy walk to the rental car office and a 2 hour drive my hair was a big mess.

I had just a few minutes to clean up and change before running off to dinner with my handsome escort, so my hairbrush bag by Silver Lining Bags – -saved me lots of time.  Instead of hunting for my brush, removing it from my luggage and having to extricate it from the clothing it might have snagged onto, or removing all the lint, tissues and crumbs that might have been stuck in the bristles all I had to do was pull the brush out of it’s bag and brush my hair into submission.  This is the easiest travel beauty trick I know.

Moral of the story, travel is hard, but hairbrush bags are easy!  Make the decision to buy yours today so that your next trip has a good hair day ending.

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